#atozchallenge - Halo

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Shivering in cold, with a dead stare
Broken will, lifeless eyes, river by the side
Stared at his silohoute in water
He contemplated ending it all
Started raining and it brought more pain
Why drag, what's the point
Then he heard the hustle bustle
What's that noise?
Chitter chatter few children playing in the puddle
Jumping laughing and then one fell
And cried that child in pain
He shrugged - so much pain, yet in vain
Yet, he could not help but look in the eyes
There was a connection, a spark
In that moment when things were not dark
The kid still crying, he did not know what happened
He went ahead, lifted him
Patted him, and talked
The child asked if he was angel
Surprised he was - asked why?
Because I was praying for my angel for help!
Yeah, I am he said to him
(No you are to me - inner voice said)
There was a Halo suddenly around them

This post is my contribution to A to Z Challenge 2016.


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